Fathers Day Gift Certificates

Fathers Day Gift Certificates – Redboats Vouchers for Dad.

Are you wanting to be more popular with the dad in your life? Or just want him out of the house?

A Redboats gift certificate achieve all that and more.

Dont buy him that tie, or that Bunnings Voucher. They are gifts that can actually do lasting psychological damage and take years to recover from, get him something that will make him feel like the man that you want him to be.

Redboats Vouchers are available in different levels as Fathers Day Gift Certificates, and are spent like cash, so you don’t have to worry about what trip he would like to go on.

Dad will come back from the trip invigorated, and grateful as you have truly thought about his needs. Redboats makes no guarantees, but in the past, side effects from dads going on a Redboats trip can include:

  • a propensity to do more housework.
  • the ability to sit down and watch television programs others want to watch.

*Redboats makes no guarantee about the fanciful and blatantly false claims about men doing more housework.


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