Red Raider is the larger of our vessels.

Red Raider is an 11.8M vessel. She was designed from scratch with the customer in mind, specifically for tours and diving. She can take up to 29 passengers and 3 crew.

Red Raider is extremely comfortable. A specially designed hull ensure passengers are comfortable, and the ride, even in rough weather is great. The design ensures passengers are always warm and dry.

The seating is spacious, and is modified depending on whether the trip is taking divers or passengers. There is ample room for everyone. A full quad speaker Bluetooth stereo with subwoofer can play music if the clientele so wish. There is a mini galley with sink and hot water and a fully enclosed marine toilet. A safety camera overlooks the rear deck.

Red Raider is powered by twin low emission Yamaha 350HP V8 outboards which can push her to 43 knots. Incredible speed for an 11.8M vessel.