• We provide tailored solutions for filming and production in maritime environments.

    Our staff and resources are extremely flexible, and we are able to meet the demands of most production companies wanting to operate in and around water in Victoria.

  • Experience

    Operating expensive camera equipment in Marine Environments can present real challenges. Camera operators and Grippers prefer to work with us because even when the conditions are adverse, the expert knowledge of our staff will give you the best chances of getting the required shots.

    We have worked with major productions including the BBC Blue Planet 2 documentary, an HBO Miniseries and other recent projects. In 2022 alone we have worked on TV-Commercial shoots for a household name brand on the beaches of Melbourne and an exciting underwater documentary project currently under NDA.

    When the success of your shoot relies on it, make sure you choose the best partner for boating and resources – Contact us.

  • Resources

    Our modern equipment and human resources make us the preferred choice for major production companies operating on and around Port Philip Bay, Melbourne Harbour and Victorian Waters.


    • Red Devil – 2 x 350 horsepower low emission Yamaha Outboard Engines
    • Red Rover – 2 x 350 horsepower low emission Yamaha Outboard Engines
    • Red Scout – 2 x 100 horsepower low emission Yamaha Outboard Engines
    Our two large vessels make an optimal platform for your grippers to set up your camera and production equipment.


    • All vessels in Survey
    • GPS Tracking and Navigation
    • VHF Radio and Bluetooth
    • Safety and First Aid Equipment including Oxygen and Automated External Defibrillator
    • Depth Finder / Sounder
    Our RHIB is suitable for use as a designated safety vessel, or as surface support and support boat operations.


    • Coxswain’ certified skippers with expert knowledge of Victorian Waters
    • Experienced Deckhands
    • Highly qualified On-Water and In-Water safety personnel
    • Divemasters / Safety Divers
    • All staff hold current First-Aid certifications and WWCCs

    Call us today to discuss your upcoming production, and talk to one of our staff about how we can make it a success.