• As a dive industry professional, having the right partner in Dive Boat Charters is important to position your business for growth.
    At RedBoats we run boat charters, scheduled and upon special request, for freediving, wall diving, wreck diving, night diving, and even catching your own crayfish and scallops.

    Instructors use us for everything from Open Water Dive Courses, to technical certification and exploratory dives – and many of our staff members are highly experienced divers.

    Our industry partners, which include the most reputable diving businesses in Melbourne, choose us because we provide a reliable service, that is of the highest quality when it comes to safety and local knowledge.

    We also provide divers accommodation for individuals and groups, and we are able to put you in touch with our network of Melbourne’s best dive shops and instructors, making us a one-stop shop for your logistical needs.

  • Diving Instructors

    Diving Instructors use RedBoats as a provider of Boat Diving Charters, as well as accommodation and diving logistics on the Mornington Peninsula and Port Philip Bay.
    Our team knows how to get students through their course, and will work with you to schedule dives that tick your boxes, whether you need shallow, calm waters for Open Water Instruction, or want to be dropped on the best wrecks for technical wreck penetration courses.

  • Divemasters & Guiding Dives

    If you’re a divemaster, dive guide or equivalent certification professional diver with local knowledge of diving in Port Philip Bay, you could be guiding your customers on RedBoats Dive Charters.

    Many divers, who are either visiting from out of state or haven’t been diving in a while, prefer to use a dive guide when going scuba diving. Others simply like having an experienced divemaster with them, to ensure that they are diving safely, and they get the most out of their time underwater.
    From time to time, RedBoats needs guides for our passengers and will draw upon our pool of dive guides to see who’s available.
    Whether you are bringing your own divers or guiding our customers, you are sure to gain valuable experience working as a dive professional.

  • Accommodation & Facilities

    Accommodation in the Divers Lodge is available for you, and your students or clients. The Lodge is fitted for divers, with washtub and gear rinsing area, drying room and social areas.
    The house is a great venue for your theory sessions, and the location makes it the perfect base for Mornington Peninsula Diving.

    Located in Rye, a short drive from Portsea Pier, it is also equidistant to two of the most popular pier dives in the area: Rye pier and Blairgowrie pier.

    For your gas-filling and other facility needs, RedBoats will help you utilize our network of dive industry operators on the Mornington Peninsula. They are able to help with anything from gear rental and air fillings, to gas mixes for technical diving and consumables for rebreathers.

  • How to get started

    The first step in partnering with RedBoats is to have a chat with one of our staff members about your diving business, and how we can assist you.

    To enquire about our options available for dive professionals, get in touch with us today!