On New Year’s Eve, 19 divers ventured out for a double dive on Red Raider. The first dive was at popes eye, followed by a luscious surface interval. The divers then entered the water for the second dive at Boarfish Reef in 2016 and surfaced in 2017. They were then greeted with a small glass of bubbly as they got back onto Red Raider.

Following the dives, we were treated to the hospitality of Barry at 360Q, a magnificent restaurant at Queenscliff harbour. It was quite amusing to the patrons of the restaurant to have a collection of divers wearing wetsuits and drysuits (still dripping water) join them for festivities in the wee hours. We were all then treated to a feast of crayfish.

Many thanks to all that joined us. Have a great 2017 everyone, and we hope to see you out experiencing the underwater wonders that Melbourne has to offer