Redboats assists BBC filming of “The Blue Planet” documentary

For just over a week now RedBoats have been assisting the BBC every day with their filming of the new series of “The Blue Planet”. The episode that they are currently filming focuses on the Spidercrabs at Blairgowrie. This is great news for Melbourne, as it gives world-wide exposure to some of the wonderful marine life that we have on offer here. Most of the filming is taking place at Blairgowrie.

We have filmed interactions between other marine life and the crabs, including a 2 hour shoot solely focusing on one small interaction (you will have to wait for the documentary to come out;)

All of the filming has been conducted from Red Scout, our 6.5M rigid inflatable. Redboats operates Scuba and Freediving charters from both Red Scout and Red Raider. There are 4 divers which consist of a Cameraman (Hugh), Cameraman (Alex), Diver / Producer (Yolly) and the peninsulas own Brett Illingworth as support diver. Two camera operators are on rebreathers , and Brett manages to get 3 hour dives out of his old wet suit and 12 litre open circuit.

In the past few days, the crabs have moved away from the Marina, but they are still in massive numbers and still moulting.

The BBC are very happy with Red Scout as a platform for diving and filming, and it fits the divers, all the dive gear, camera gear and grip with ease.
If you see Red Scout with the Camera Crew onboard, feel free to go and have a chat and introduce yourself, maybe even grab yourself a free dim sim.