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    Redboats are pleased to offer divers lodge accommodation conveniently located at 17 Robin Parade Rye.

    It is specifically set up for divers. It sleeps 10 people and has 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets, wash tubs, drying room and off street parking for approximately 10 cars.

    The information that you need to know before you arrive can be read at the bottom of this page. It will also be emailed to you at time of booking. You must read it.

    The cost is currently $65 per bed in the bunk rooms (sleeps 4 per room). The double room is $125 and has a king bed.

    Please note that there is a 100% cancellation fee for the accommodation from time of booking, so book carefully.

    Individual bookings can be made HERE.

    For groups, please contact 0400068627

    The lodge is practical, will remain clean and professional.

  • Divers Lodge – What you need to know before you come



    RedBoats Divers Lodge – What you need to know before you come:

    Redboats Divers lodge is setup for the convenience of divers. We aim to keep it clean and professional (whilst still having fun). To keep Redboats Divers lodge open to the public, and at the cheap cost to divers, there are a few items that must be adhered to. Please kindly read the below and keep the divers lodge usable to all.


    LOCATION: Redboat Divers Lodge is located at 17 Robin Parade, Rye. Map link HERE

    ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIMES: Unless prior arrangement has been made, arrival time is any time after 3pm and departure time is before 10am.

    KEY COLLECTION: Key is located in a keysafe attached to the gate on the left hand side of the front door. The code to the keysafe can be obtained by texting 0400068627.

    PARKING: No guests cars are to be parked on the gravel driveway. No cars are to be driven up the driveway to the house. Not even to unload. All guest cars are kindly to be parked by turning left once in through the gate. Please park considerately for other guests.


    BED ALLOCATION: Your bed is the bed that you have booked. Please note that top bunks have a max capacity of 90 kgs. If you are too heavy for the top bunk and you have booked it in error, please buy another guest a slab of beer and do a trade. Look after each other.

    COOKING AND CLEANING: There are BBQ facilities and Kitchen facilities. If you use something, you clean it and put it where you got it from. If you use the BBQ, turn on the gas before using and after using, turn off the gas and clean it. Please leave things as you find them. There is a cray cooker. No one is to use it without prior permission by texting 0400068627.

    SEAFOOD COLLECTION AND CONSUMPTION: All seafood waste including fish scraps, scallop shells, and cray shells are to be taken by guests and disposed of away from the divers lodge. No seafood waste is to be put in any bins either inside or outside the divers lodge.

    TV: Netflix is available. There are many great documentaries on scuba diving. There is also a selection of DVD’s for your use.

    READING MATERIAL: There are many great books on Scuba diving available to read. Please take care of these books and place them back where you have found them. They are a personal collection.

    CONSIDERATION FOR GUESTS AND NEIGHBOURS: Please be considerate. After 9pm, as soon as one guest is in bed, please ensure that noise is kept to a minimum. If you want a full on party after 9pm, go to the pub as guests come here to go diving and get up early in the morning.

    VISITORS OF PAYING GUESTS: There are to be no visitors of guests unless prior arrangement by texting 0400068627 with details. Non-Paying guests are to park off the property.

    CCTV: Living areas and outdoor areas are monitored by CCTV for your security, but please do not leave belongings or Dive Gear unattended. Redboats takes no responsibility for the damage or loss of personal items.

    WASH TUBS AND DRYING ROOMS: Please drain the tubs after washing. Please leave the drying room as you found it.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Luke on 0400 068 627, or email dive@redboats.com.au

    Many thanks for your assistance to keep the lodge open and operating for all to use.


    RedBoats.com.au Pty Ltd – ACN 116669026

    P.O. Box 288 Blairgowrie – Victoria – Australia – 3942