Redboats assists in filming the HBO miniseries “The Leftovers”.

Redboats vessels have previously been used as platforms for filming, but this time one of our vessels was actually used for on-camera work.

The producers of the Leftovers saw Red Scout as a perfect boat for a scene in Melbourne for season 3.

The script was top secret so we cannot mention too much of what we did, but suffice to say, the crew removed the signage. Most of the filming was static with dialogue between the two actors.

In one on-water scene, the Redboats skipper had to drive the boat and then hand over to the actor who was playing the boat captain. Then he had to duck out of sight (photo below) so that he could not be seen during the water to water filming. This was to ensure that the vessel was travelling at the perfect speed and direction for the water to water shots.

Redboats has previously conducted film work for a number of clients including filming the BBC Blue Planet series. Its vessels are a perfect platform for filming from the water. See the vessels in action on Redboats Facebook page.

Redboats supplies Film Industry Boats for camera and in-water work. Based in Melbourne, Redboats can relocate vessels on demand. For more information, visit