1. It is a condition of travel that anyone travelling or diving using vessel associated with RedBoats.com.au Pty Ltd accepts these terms and conditions and undertakes to comply with these terms and conditions. By travelling on a vessel associated with Redboats.com.au Pty Ltd, you are deemed to have accept and agree to comply with these terms and conditions.
  2. All passengers are at all times to adhere to the instructions and direction of the crew.
  3. No passenger is to get on or off a vessel without the express permission of a Redboats.com.au crew member.
  4. All passengers that travel on Redboats.com.au Pty Ltd agree that they are in a fit state to travel and in good health.
  5. RedBoats.com.au has a 24 hour cancellation on all bookings unless otherwise stated in writing on an individual basis. This is 24 hours from the time that the activity is going to take place. Cancellation within 24hrs of the activity will incur a full service fee.
  6. All tours must be paid for in full before departure.
  7. RedBoats.com.au will always endeavour to run to the published schedule, but reserves the right to change the location, reschedule, or cancel a trip if weather conditions, divers safety, shipping or passenger/diver experience level is not appropriate. If these circumstances should arise, all passengers are expected to travel/dive the alternate site.
  8. Divers must ready to go fully geared up at departure location 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Due to tides, currents, slack water times and other trips, the boats must leave on time. Anyone not at the departure location 15 minutes prior to departure time risks missing the trip and a full fee cancellation charge will apply. No refunds will be given.
  9. Minimum numbers are required for all trips, and trips will be cancelled if these are not met.  These numbers vary and at the discretion of RedBoats.com.au Pty Ltd on an individual trip basis.
  10. All divers that intend to collect seafood must have a valid fishing license or seniors card. All catch/bag limits must be adhered to. No catch is to be made in a Marine Park.
  11. All divers diving past 30m are encouraged to carry a redundant air source and be experienced in its use.
  12. Any penetration into a wreck requires the diver to carry their own redundant air source and be wreck or cave trained.
  13. No solo diving is encouraged. Lost buddy procedures should be adhered to.
  14. The customer agrees and commits to all of their equipment being used is in current service and test as per the manufacturers recommendations and accordance with AS 2030.  If once on board, a Redboats.com.au crew member ascertains that your equipment is not fit for diving, you will not be allowed to dive and you will forgo the cost of the dive.
  15. All divers must have an alternate air-source, SPG, depth indicator and timing device.
  16. All divers are encouraged to carry a Safety Sausage (high visibility signalling device) and a whistle. Failure to carry these may result in you not being allowed to dive and you will forgo the cost of the dive.
  17. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the diver agrees that they:
    1. Have previous experience using all equipment and are correctly weighted for every dive.
    2. Have dived in Victoria in the last 12 months.
    3. Will make an appropriate dive plan for the dive for considering all factors and in line with their training.
    4. Have a qualification that is suitable for the dive site that they book on and their dive plan (depth, wreck, night etc)
    5. If diving a rebreather, they confirm that they are certified for that particular unit and are current on its operation.
    6. Will not exceed the maximum PO2 breathed which is 1.6.
    7. Will not exceed 56m if diving on air.
  18. All divers agree to the following:

I have assessed the risks inherent in undertaking dives and travel, and understand the hazards of scuba diving including those hazards occurring during boat travel to and from dive sites. I understand that these hazards include, but are not limited to, air expansion injuries, drowning, decompression sickness, injuries occurring while getting on & off the vessel& while onboard, being cut or struck by a boat while in the water, and other perils of the sea. I knowingly and voluntarily agree to accept these risks.


Any individual or entity that is given a netbooking agent login agrees to the following:

  1. That all customers that the agent books onto Redboats are fit to do the dive, certified to do the dive and have the suitable certification, currency, and competency to do the dive.
  2. That ALL customer details are entered into the system including email and mobile number in-case of any change to the dive.
  3. That the agent will ensure that they have the redboats waivers signed by the customers.
  4. That any commissions or FOC (Free of charge travel) is only applicable if the account balance is up to date at time of any new invoice being produced. It is at Redboats discretion if these commissions and FOC’s are payable if the account is out of balance.
  5. That all agents will ensure that their clients are made aware of the boats procedure of people not getting on or getting off the boat without the crew direction and permission.
  6. That any non-english speaking group has a translator that can translate the safety brief, the dive brief and any instructions that redboats crew gives.
  7. That the agent will within their power ensure that their clients adhere to safe diving practice and following redboats procedures.